The Pelvic Radiation Disease Association’s Vision is:

  1. That the long term effects of pelvic radiotherapy are prevented, predicted or minimised;
  2. That people affected by Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD) are diagnosed, fully supported and given the best possible care and treatment to alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life;
  3. That Pelvic Radiation Disease is widely accepted as a serious consequence of cancer treatment that requires focused research and education.

PRDA aims to have an impact by:

  1. Providing and facilitating direct support and information to people affected by, or at risk of, pelvic radiation disease (PRD);
  2. Providing a voice for people affected by PRD;
  3. Influencing decision-makers to achieve adequate, dedicated funding for PRD services across the UK;
  4. Working with charity, professional organisations, NHS and other partners to improve health and social services for people affected by PRD;
  5. Working with charity and professional organisation partners to improve professional awareness and education on the prevention and treatment of PRD;
  6. Influencing research and trials that address issues to do with PRD.


Modified: 27th April 2021