Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD) is a long-term side-effect (‘late effect’) of pelvic radiotherapy treatment affecting an estimated 100,000 people in the UK.  People affected by PRD often have a complex set of symptoms affecting the bowel, bladder and/or sexual function for many years after radiotherapy, sometimes only appearing several years after radiotherapy treatment

PRDA is a small UK charity whose objectives are to see that the effects of PRD are minimised, that people affected PRD given the best possible care and treatment, that PRD is accepted as a serious problem and given the attention it deserves (see Our Vision).

PRDA aims to have an impact by:

  1. Providing and facilitating direct support and information to people affected by, or at risk of, pelvic radiation disease (PRD);
  2. Providing a voice for people affected by PRD;
  3. Influencing decision-makers to achieve adequate, dedicated funding for PRD services across the UK including the adoption of a treatment tariff by NHS England;
  4. Working with charity, professional organisations, NHS and other partners to improve health and social services for people affected by PRD;
  5. Working with charity and professional organisation partners to improve professional awareness and education on the prevention and treatment of PRD.


Modified: 23rd September 2018