PRDA 2022 Annual Conference recordings

Living with Pelvic Radiation Disease

Catherine Sharma in conversation with Stephen, who shares his experience of living with Pelvic Radiation Disease.

Catherine Sharma – Information and Support Radiographer, Nottingham Late Effects Service

Why we need a Best Practice Pathway for Pelvic Radiation Disease

Dr Louise Hanna – Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Gynaecological and Lung cancer, Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff.

How to use the PRD Best Practice Pathway

Prof Diana Greenfield – Consultant Nurse & MDT Lead, Late Effects, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Honorary Professor, Department of Clinical Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield
Honorary Professor, Sheffield Hallam University

Managing the psychological effects of Pelvic Radiation Disease

Dr Hilly Webb-Peploe – Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation

Managing Lymphoedema after pelvic radiotherapy

Margaret Sneddon – Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
Chair, British Lymphology Society

Dr Rhian Noble-Jones – Senior Lecturer in Lymphoedema, University of Glasgow
Chartered Physiotherapist
Chair, Scientific Committee of the British Lymphology Society

Managing vascular problems after pelvic radiotherapy

Dr Arjun Ghosh – Consultant cardiologist and lead for cardio-oncology services, University College
London Hospital and Barts Heart Centre
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at University College London and Queen Mary University of London

Managing bone and endocrine problems after pelvic radiotherapy

Dr Claire Higham
Consultant Endocrinologist, Christie NHS Foundation Trust




PRDA 2021 Annual Conference recordings

1. Living with Pelvic Radiation Disease 

“I want my life back” – collaborative report by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and PRDA 

with Rebecca Shoosmith, Chief Executive (Acting) Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Pain management for people with Pelvic Radiation Disease

Rhea Crighton, Clinical Nurse Specialist

What happens at a Radiotherapy Late Effects Clinic

Dr Lisa Durrant PhD BSc, Macmillan Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer for radiation late effectsat Beacon Radiotherapy, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Taunton

Sex matters! – Psychosexual difficulties for people with Pelvic Radiation Disease

Dr Isabel White, Psychosexual Therapist

2. Clinical Management & Developments in Pelvic Radiation Disease Research

Research into Pelvic Radiation Disease

Prof Jervoise Andreyev, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hon Professor, University of Nottingham

Meeting the needs of people with psychosocial difficulties due to Pelvic Radiation Disease

with Willie Auld, PRDA Trustee, and Lisa Punt, PRDA Trustee and Centre Head at Maggie’s Cambridge

Managing urinary problems due to Pelvic Radiation Disease – a nursing perspective

Prof Sara Faithfull, Professor of Cancer Nursing Practice, University of Surrey

Managing gastrointestinal problems due to Pelvic Radiation Disease – a primary care perspective

Dr Anthony Cunliffe, GP and Joint National Lead Macmillan GP Adviser

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Episodes relating to Pelvic Radiation Disease:

Dr J Andreyev, Royal Marsden Hospital:

Radiotherapy UK (previously know as Action Radiotherapy) Webinar ‘Late effects of radiotherapy: A patient’s perspective’

Experts in Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD), Dr Helen Ludlow and Dr Lisa Durrant discuss current research and services for PRD. Rhea Crighton, who is a pain nurse specialist and member of PRDA’s Medical Advisory Panel, gives insight to the patient perspective of Pelvic Radiation Disease.

Links to clinical guidance resources discussed in the webinar, and more, can be found on our website under information for health professionals.


British Institute of Radiology webinar (2017) on ‘Pelvic Radiation Disease exposed’ by Dr Ana Wilson Consultant Gastroenterologist and Specialist Endoscopist, Trust Lead for GI Consequences of Cancer Treatment, St Mark’s Hospital, London. Please be advised that to watch any video on the BIR website, including free videos, you will need to create a free account on My BIR. Creating a free account is fast and most efficiently done via Google Chrome. Some versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox do not work with the BIR website.

Dr Claire Taylor, Macmillan Nurse Consultant in Colorectal cancer:


Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Information video:


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