publications-imageThe documents on this page are of use both to health professionals, patients and their families.


PRDA Flyer is a small general information leaflet for all those affected, whether directly as sufferers or indirectly, which briefly describes Pelvic Radiation Disease and PRD Association.

Our PRDA Fact Sheet has details about PRD for GPs or specialists who are unfamiliar with the condition and may have patients with the symptoms.

We also have a small poster which is ideal for display in your local hospital or GP’s waiting room.  If you would like a supply of these to distribute please contact us.

Dr Clare Shaw, Consultant Dietitian in Oncology at The Royal Marsden Hospital, has produced a Diet Sheet for people who are undergoing or have experienced radiotherapy, and who are experiencing side effects.


For further information, or for bulk printed copies of these leaflets or our posters please email us.


You can find an online form to join PRDA as a supporter here, but if you would like a paper copy you can download one here.