Can you help with this trial which is being run by Cancer Research UK and the Royal Marsden Hospital? It seeks to use a palm oil supplement and a drug called pentoxifylline to relieve bowel symptoms caused by pelvic radiotherapy.

You can find out more about it, and whether you would be eligible to join, at CRUK’s website here.

If you are interested you need to discuss it with your own doctor or cancer specialist. To help you, you can print off a copy of the information and take it along with you.

If the trial looks suitable for you, your doctor contacts a doctor in the trial team to ask if you can take part. This is called a medical referral.

Generally, having a medical referral is the only way you can join a trial. You should talk to your own doctor first, rather than trying to contact the people running the trial. They will not be able to sign you up to the trial without your doctor’s input. Read more about how to join here.