Please help us Give The Gift this Christmas and donate to our Out and About Toolkit Campaign

We understand that living with Pelvic Radiation Disease can affect people’s everyday life, which is why we created our ‘Out and About’ toolkit filled with useful information, tips and items to help people with PRD have more confidence when leaving the house.

The Out and About Toolkit project is made possible thanks to the generous donations of our supporters. To continue to offer the pack for free to all users, we need your help. That’s why our Christmas Appeal 2023 is built around our Out and About Toolkits. Each pack costs £21 to produce, pack and post. Please consider giving the gift of an Out and About Toolkit to someone this Christmas, because it’s about so much more than the Toolkit. Click below to give the gift to someone living with PRD.

The gift of confidence
The gift of reassurance
The gift of support

What’s in the toolkit?

  • Fact sheets – Helpful tips, tools, information for PRDA services and other organisations.
  • Toilet card – A handy card to help gain urgent access to a toilet when out in public without the need to explain your condition. The ‘just can’t wait’ card is widely recognised and many establishments and businesses may allow you to use toilets that are not typically for public use.
  • Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard A hidden disability like PRD may not be immediately obvious to others and have no physical signs. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower encourages inclusivity, acceptance and understanding. It is a simple tool for you to voluntarily share that you have a hidden disability. Simply by wearing the Sunflower, you’re just letting everyone know that you might need extra help, understanding, or just more time.
  • RADAR key – A special key which is used to unlock over 10,000 accessible toilets in the UK that are part of the National Key Scheme.
  • Wype – An eco-friendly toilet wipe alternative with natural ingredients that you can apply to regular toilet paper. Wype is flushable & biodegradable.
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A handy Out and About bag – Great for keeping your Out and About Toolkit and other essentials in. Made from a carbon neutral, bio-based alternative to plastic.

Who is eligible?

The Out and About toolkit has been specifically designed for people living with Pelvic Radiation Disease we ask that you only apply for one if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have received radiotherapy to the pelvis
  • Your radiotherapy treatment was at least 3 months ago
  • You have bowel or bladder consequences that impact your daily life

Please note that you do not need to have received an ‘official’ diagnosis of PRD to apply. We are only able to send Out and About Toolkit to people living in the UK.

The cost of our Out and About Toolkits have been made possible thanks to the generous donations of our supporters. To continue to offer the pack in the long-term we need your help. Each pack costs £21 to produce, pack and post.

Please donate to help us provide this service to people living with PRD. 


Please complete the form below to apply for an Out and About Toolkit

Modified: 21st November 2023