We’re pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2021/22. This is an important opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved, and how much there is still for us to do.

Download the 2021/22 Annual Report in full to learn about:

  • The growth of our volunteering programme and Patient Advisory Group
  • The launch of our Out and About Toolkits
  • Development of the Best Practice Pathway for Pelvic Radiation Disease and review some headline figures, that help to illustrate our impact:
  • 350 delegates at our first online Annual Conference.
  • 27 hours of Chat Together sessions, where people with PRD come together to support each other.
  • 65% increase in visitors to our site, where people come to find vital resources and services, that help them manage their symptoms.

Our financial report for 2021/22 is contained at the back of the report, and shows record income of £41,349, against an initial target of £30,200.



Modified: 7th December 2022