The Penny Brohn UK charity, in conjunction with Kingston Hospital NHS Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support, are running a two-day course at Kingston Hospital on Living Well with the Impact of Cancer.  The course is free for anyone living with cancer or their close supporter.  For more details, including how to book, see this poster.

Bookings CLOSE on FEBRUARY 9th.

The course shows how to take simple steps to live well with cancer covering healthy eating; manageable exercise; managing stress; coping with the emotional and psychological impact of cancer and it’s treatment; and the impact cancer has on many aspects of our lives. To secure your place please complete and return a booking form, available on line or by post.

To book, visit, email or Phone: 0303 3000 118.

Their charity also holds weekly courses for stress management, held in various areas of the country which sounded very beneficial. If you are interested to attend this course Contact details are as above.