– 26th June 2024 –

Research study: Exploring the Perceptions of Ownership, Empowerment, and Trust in Health Data Management

Dr. Abraham Nash and Professor Max Van Kleek from the Human Centred Computing Research Group at the University of Oxford are working on research into making health data management systems* more effective.

Their study aims to understand how patients and healthcare professionals feel about ownership, empowerment, and trust when it comes to health data. They want to know how these feelings impact the design of health data systems.

To do this, they’re recruiting a wide range of people to take part in an online survey. By gathering these insights, they hope to shape better health data management systems that work for everyone.

The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete and includes more detailed information about their research. There is also an option to follow up with a 30-45 minute interview conducted over a secure Microsoft Teams link. Participation is completely voluntary, and participants are free to withdraw at any time.

*A health data management system is a tool that helps organise and store health information. This can include medical records, test results, and treatment plans. It makes it easier for doctors and patients to access and use this information to improve healthcare.

Importance for PRD Patients

For people living with Pelvic Radiation Disease, having control over their health data can significantly impact their treatment experience. Accessible and well-managed health data can lead to better coordinated care, more informed treatment decisions, and improved health outcomes.

By participating in this study, people living with PRD can help shape future health data management systems to be more patient-centred, ensuring that they feel empowered and secure in their healthcare interactions. Their insights will be invaluable in creating systems that respect patient ownership and build trust through transparency and security.

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