PRDA’s definition of Pelvic Radiation Disease

Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD) is defined as one or more ongoing symptoms of variable complexity that may affect people who have previously had radiotherapy to the pelvic region to treat their cancer. This includes pelvic radiotherapy for cancers of the colon, rectum, anus, prostate, testes, bladder, cervix and womb, but also total body radiotherapy and radiotherapy in the pelvic area for other primary and secondary cancers.

Pelvic Radiation Disease can affect one or more of: bladder, bone, bowel, nerves, sexual organs, blood supply, stomach and digestion, lymphatic system, skin and mental health.

Symptoms arise as a result of damage to internal organs or skin. Symptoms often settle in the few weeks after radiotherapy finishes but Pelvic Radiation Disease can be defined as symptoms starting or continuing 3 months or more after the end of radiotherapy. Sometimes they start many years or decades after radiotherapy.

You can find further information on the definition and terminology of Pelvic Radiation Disease here.

PRDA has compiled a list of clinical guidance and information on Pelvic Radiation Disease for professionals and patients.



Accessing public toilets

We understand that people with PRD may be concerned or anxious about the accessibility of public toilets, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some tips that can help to improve your confidence when leaving the house:

  • The Great British Toilet Map is the UK’s largest database of publicly-accessible toilets, with over 11,000 facilities.
  • Loocation UK is a helpful tool to identify open public toilets.
  • PRDA offers a free ‘just can’t wait’ toilet card which is designed to give you discreet, urgent access to a toilet at the discretion of the establishment. Please get in touch to request a card
  • Being prepared with a small ‘travel kit’ containing the following items ‘just in case’ can come in handy:

– PRDA toilet card
Radar Key
– tissues/toilet paper
– wipes
– spare pads/continence products
– hand sanitiser
– change of clothes (e.g underwear and a pair of leggings/jogging bottoms)

PRDA urges you to write to your MP to highlight the impact a lack of public toilets has on people living with PRD.

Self management of PRD symptoms

Online tools

Medical papers

Background Information

  • Leaflets and posters can be found on our Leaflets page
  • Videos and Links from our 2021 Annual Conference and external sources.


Modified: 7th July 2022