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Access to public toilets post COVID

Many PRD sufferers must be wondering how you can safely access public toilets post Lockdown. In effect many of you will feel that you cannot go on out without the backup of easily accessible toilets. These have been slow to open up and hygienic maintenance of those which are open is an ongoing problem. Many local councils simply do not have the money to maintain and clean them properly and regrettably hand sanitiser is often stolen. Lockdown Loo is a new website which is compiling  locations of toilets which are open. Please submit information about open toilets to them if you can.

PRDA has a few tips to keep you safe:

  • Carry your own gloves, sanitiser and wipes.
  • Minimise what you touch with your hands.Flush with your elbow if you can.
  • Analysis of faeces has shown Covid infection up to two weeks before a person gets symptoms. Always try and flush with the lid down if there is one, this is when most germs are distributed.
  • Never use a hand drier.


PRDA urges you to write to your MP to raise this ongoing issue for many vulnerable people.

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Modified: 22nd June 2020