These are some of our members stories. Tell your story here – problems, successes, it doesn’t matter: it helps to know that you are not alone

 “I simply had no quality of life. 3 weeks out of 4 I would throw up, followed by days of non-stop diarrhoea. I would become dehydrated – had to be put on a drip. I could not make any plans or appointments as they frequently had to be abandoned. If I had to travel anywhere, I had to go without eating for days before. I joined Dignitas, as I simply did not have a life worth living.” 

“Dr Andreyev has helped me most and I was lucky to have been referred to him so quickly. The normacol sachets helped somewhat but since I was on the HOT II trial my bleeding has improved greatly. I will not know for some time if this is due to my having been given oxygen treatment until trial results are published. My quality of life has improved so much since I have received treatment for PRD.”

“In the early months of 2009 I received 27 units of blood by transfusion……The first treatments were unsuccessful but he persevered and finally laser treatments (5 courses) was successful. Previously I had been confined to the house but Dr Andreyev gave me my life back and now I am able to lead a social life.” 

“I know that if I pig out on fatty food I will suffer for it!! I at least have control now! And I know what is causing the problem which has taken away the fear of a possible recurrence of the cancer. It was very helpful to me to know the cause of my diarrhoea and learn how to manage it. I no longer have the occasional “accident” that I had previously experienced. I would advise a friend to see a gastroenterologist. GPs seem to be unaware of ongoing problems.”

“Understanding the problem makes it easier to cope with”. 

“I was told damage caused by radiotherapy was irreversible. No one was aware of a specific problem. I was given the feeling that I was lucky to have got over cancer. I felt very isolated, vulnerable. It has made all the difference to know that there is a specific causes for the symptoms, that other people suffer from the same problems and that there is a treatment. I felt I was being taken seriously.”