We rely on a mixture of grants, donations and subscriptions to keep going. Until recently the charity was run entirely by volunteers, but with a big increase in the charity’s activities and workload, we now employ a part-time Administrator.  We are also planning to fund a nurse-led help line, and both these developments will place enormous demands on our funds. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please consider donating to us. Any amount, small or large, is welcome.

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Leave a legacy

A legacy will ensure that the charity you support now will benefit from your support in the future.

Why having a will is so important.Have you protected your loved ones by making a Will? If not, they may not automatically be entitled to your assets and your estate could go to the Crown. It is not necessarily complicated or expensive to write a Will and once you have done it you can relax knowing your family will be supported in the way you wished.

After looking after your family, would you consider helping men and women and their families affected by pelvic radiation disease? By leaving a gift to the Pelvic Radiation Disease charity in your Will, you’ll be helping us make a difference to thousands of lives.

For more information about legacies please contact us.