Pelvic Radiation Disease is a late effect of radiotherapy treatment affecting at least 8,500 new patients each year. We work to ensure that it is recognized as a distinct illness.

We provide support throughout the UK.  For more information please go to the support page.  If you are interested in helping to set up a support group in your area, please contact us.

We speak at national and regional conferences and meetings, representing and promoting the interests of  everyone that has Pelvic Radiation Disease, and are also represented on various national bodies set up to highlight the interests of patients suffering late effects of pelvic radiotherapy.

We have active partnerships with other charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Prostate Cancer UK, and Bowel Cancer UK.

Many of our members who are former patients speak on behalf of sufferers at conferences and events to give the patient voice.  We also sit on many research project teams and boards to ensure that patient views are represented.

We work to have the most up-to-date  information for patients and professionals on the various aspects of Pelvic Radiation Disease and available resources for treatment.

We want to see better facilities nationally and regionally within the NHS for the treatment of Pelvic Radiation Disease.

We are developing a network of specialists and treatment centres who want to help patients with Pelvic Radiation Disease, as well as promoting awareness within the NHS of the many late effects that can result from pelvic radiotherapy.